3D Software as a service

Mixamo is an online platform that enables developers and artists to customize and create 3D character animations. Its end-to-end, web-based suite of tools makes the process of 3D character creation, rigging and animation accessible to artists of all skill levels and helps them to save time and money.

Create, Rig, and Animate Your 3D Characters

What we offer

Mixamo is an online platform that enables devs and artists to let their imagination run free and be even more ambitious about their games, films and other 3D projects. Traditionally extremely time consuming, expensive and complicated, achieving high quality results with 3D character art used to be reserved for large studios with expensive equipment and armies of modelers, riggers and animators… until Mixamo came along

What we are looking for

We are looking for customers who are looking to streamline their 3D character production pipeline. Customers in the game development, education (universities with game design programs), animation, and film industry.


  • Middleware, Tools
  • Other (Please Specify) Game development

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