Game Development

Darkmire Entertainment is a one-man independent game developer focusing on the PC/Mac platforms. Darkmire's first game, Tom vs. The Armies of Hell will ship in 2014. Founder, Sean Burgoon, is a veteran of both games (Tomb Raider, Champions Online, Star Trek Online…) and film (Transformers 3, Battleship, Pacific Rim…).

Indie Game Developer of Tom vs. The Armies of Hell

What we offer

Indie game development for PC/Mac and potentially consoles. Current project is Tom vs. The Armies of Hell.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a marketing/pr partner as well as potential distribution and publishing partnerships for Tom vs. The Armies of Hell. Primary development platforms are PC/Mac with subsequent console releases planned.


  • Console Game Market
  • Downloadable Game Market (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)
  • Game Funding/VC
  • Game Marketing/PR
  • Game Media
  • Game Outsourcing
  • GDC Play
  • PC/Mac Downloadable Market

Main Contact

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