Sliden'Joy, the mobile accessory that doubles or even triples your screens.

What we offer:
Sliden'Joy gives you 1 or 2 extra screens for your laptop, with just one USB. Lightweight, adjustable, ultra-thin and customisable: Sliden'Joy is all of these things in one product! The product is perfect for both professional and personal uses: presentations, teamwork, gaming, videos, photo editing and graphic design…

Attached by magnet to the back of your laptop screen, Sliden'Joy doubles or even triples your visual field, in high definition. The 180 degree rotation gives you the option of additional manoeuvrable, lightweight screens that can be rotated at the angle of your choice.

The Kickstarter campaign raised more than USD 650K in a single month since which, buyers from all over the world can still pre-order with a minimal deposit. reaching now the USD 1,500,000 mark of presales.

  • Game Funding/VC

Main Contact

Charlee Jeunehomme

Laurent Wery

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