Middleware - Granite SDK - fine grained texture streaming and texture compression

Graphine is a Belgian middleware provider that develops rock-solid texture streaming and texture compression technology for the videogame and 3D-visualization industries.

Our middleware - Granite SDK - minimizes memory usage, storage size and loading times while allowing the use of massive amounts of texture data.

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Grapine: Advanced Texture Streaming and Texture Compression

What we offer

Graphine is a Belgian graphics middleware provider, combining far-reaching knowhow with a continuous pursuit of innovation. We apply these strengths to realize our mission: to develop rock-solid texture streaming & compression technology for the video game and 3D visualization industries.

Our middleware - Granite - minimizes memory usage, storage size and loading times while allowing the use of massive amounts of unique texture data. It combines virtual texturing techniques with a fine-grained streaming system to handle all your texture content. Granite is available for Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4 and as a stand-alone SDK.

The Granite SDK is the core of our technology. We offer our texture streaming and compression middleware as a stand-alone SDK that’s engine-independent: it can be integrated into any modern 3D engine using any content production pipeline.

Granite for Unity brings our fine-grained texture streaming technology to Unity 3D straight from within the Unity editor. With no need to change your workflow, it’s an easy-to-use plug & stream system!

Granite for Unreal is a pre-made integration of our Granite SDK into the Unreal Engine 4. We’ve already done all the coding work, you can just apply our integration to your UE4 project and start streaming.

What we are looking for

We're looking to set up meetings with video game developers to introduce them to the Granite SDK and find out where their projects might benefit from our technology.


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