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Taylor & Francis Group are the premier publisher of textbooks, reference books, and ebooks on computer game development. Stop by our booth to view our latest titles and take advantage of our conference discount. If you are interested in writing a book please stop by the booth to speak with Rick Adams or Sean Connelly about your idea.

Taylor & Francis Group is Looking for New Authors

What we offer

Recognized as a pioneer in scientific publishing, Taylor & Francis Group maintains a reputation that is as extraordinary in its depth and quality as it is global in its impact. Much of our strength comes from our close relationship with the scientific community. Our authors comprise an extensive roster of leaders and scientists who continually move their fields forward.

What we are looking for

We are always looking for fresh voices and new ideas. If you have an idea for a new textbook, reference book, how-to guide, or just want to discuss an idea please contact us. We publish in a number of areas including computer game programming and design, computer graphics, audio/visual tools, animation, and general computer science.


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