Multiplatform strategy and tactical games

Turbo Tape Games is a developer from the fjords of Western Norway that has been making strategic and tactical games for six years. The companies first title was Naval War: Arctic Circle (2012). They have just released UHR-Warlords as an independent developer on mobile platforms.

Experts of premium strategy and tactical games

What we offer

Turbo Tape Games has six years experience in making deep and engaging strategic and tactical games. We have released for PC, the web as well as mobile devices.

At Turbo Tape Games gameplay is king. We're always out to push the boundaries, pairing fun and intelligence, catering to hard core and casual players alike.

We strive to create innovative game mechanics, keeping an eye at the classics of both digital and analogue gaming systems, while not being afraid to introduce innovations of our own design, making for truly unique, fresh and interesting games.

We can truthfully say that no Turbo Tape Games production is ever like the main crop, yet, one will always find hooks of recognition giving a nod to the fundamental principles of good game design, from ancient times up until today.

What we are looking for

Turbo Tape Games has just launched UHR-Warlords for iPad and Android tabs, and we're looking to showcase the game to media and other interested parties.

We are also looking for any potential publishers or distributors that may be interested in evolving the product further, also onto other platforms (PC/Mac/Linux) on which the game is currently running.

Further, Turbo Tape Games are bringing along two new exciting games projects in early stages of development that we are interested in showing to publishers and investor/VC communities in search of new and exciting games opportunities.

One of these products is a turn based tactical game similar to, but more advanced than, UHR-Warlords, the other is a unique tactical racing game with a strong team based multiplayer component.


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