Markerless Facial Motion Capture

Founded in 2010, the success of Dynamixyz’ award-winning Performer software is the culmination of nearly a decade of specializing in high-quality 3D face analysis and synthesis. The challenge of capturing the human face has always been the team’s specialist focus and, Dynamixyz’ Performer Solution has proved to be one of the most stable markerless facial tracking systems in the world.

Performer Solution - Markerless Facial Motion Capture

What we offer

Performer is a complete solution for accurate markerless facial analysis, tracking and retargeting. Unlike traditional marker-based motion capture systems, which capture a very limited number of marker positions, Performer makes use of the whole facial image to track facial movements; every pixel of the face being used as a source of information.
The new Performer2 solution has been released end of 2014 and delivers unprecedented high-quality results!

The Performer software is hardware-agnostic, so can work with any head-mounted camera feed.
But the HMC developed by Dynamixyz has been designed to be lightweight, actor-friendly, and to record at up to 120 fps. It is available in 2 options: tethered and wireless. We also offer a GoPro mount (camera not included).

What we are looking for

Dynamixyz is specialized in high-quality markerless facial motion capture, especially for cinema, video games and animation studios in general. Our customers also include academia (universities, animation schools...), live event specialists, sound studios, advertising agencies, music video production companies, realistic simulations, casinos, digital resurrections...


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