What we are looking for:
We look forward to meeting developers from studios of all sizes to discuss how CRYENGINE can help realize their desire to create world-class entertainment. CRYENGINE empowers creatives to deliver unique experiences, build new worlds and ultimately make awesome games - if that’s your business, we should meet.

In addition to pushing the boundaries on PC and consoles, Crytek has one of the largest dedicated VR teams in the industry, with highly-anticipated projects in full production on CRYENGINE. We’re excited to meet developers who want to partner with us to invent the future of gaming in VR.

What we offer:
With CRYENGINE, we have a simple goal: to create the most powerful game engine in the industry. Building on over a decade of continuous engine development and refinement, CRYENGINE is used by AAA studios and indie developers worldwide to create some of today’s most ambitious games, while remaining royalty-free so the teams that do the work reap the rewards.

  • Middleware, Game Engines

Main Contact

Sarah Gehrig
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