Native mobile ad technology for games

NativeX is the leading ad technology for games with over 200 million MAU from top grossing apps. For developers who want to monetize with advertising that really works, NativeX is reinventing advertising to create more effective ad experiences, enabling developers to build successful businesses around their apps. Native advertising out-performs standard advertising, often doubling revenue for developers.

The leading native ad technology for games

What we offer

NativeX offers the most innovative native mobile advertising technology on the market. Our server side technology allows game developers to innovate faster than anyone else on new ad formats to maximize ad monetization for games.

Access interstitials, rich media, video, featured alerts, offer walls, and mediation with multiple ad networks, all in one SDK. No updates required.

Our native ad designs are contextual and complementary to the content in which they are placed. Not above, below, or beside, it becomes part of the user experience.

We use predictive analytics to analyze dozens of variables in order to rank and display the most relevant ad for increased conversion.

What we are looking for

Game developers interested in improving their game monetization with the help of ads.

Game developers and advertisers who are interested in growing their audience and user base.


  • Distribution Platforms: App Store (Mobile)
  • Middleware, Monetizaton Platforms
  • Smartphone Game Market
  • Tablet Game Market

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