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Tipping Goat LLC is a micro studio built around the concept of delivering old school fun with modern sensibilities. Games can entertain, inspire, bring people together and make the world a more fun place to live.

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown: Original, fun, local multiplayer game from a Bay Area indie micro studio

What we offer

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is a couch-competitive, local multiplayer team sports game that would feel right at home on a home game console as a downloadable title. It's easy to pick up and play with simple to learn controls, but deep enough for competitive players as well. Built in Unity 3D for portability to different platforms, the game features a modern 3D physics simulation cleverly hidden under retro 2D graphics.

What we are looking for

Super Slam Dunk was created in Unity 3D with an eye towards porting to a home game console. Tipping Goat is anxious to speak to a partner that can make that happen.

While the PC version features up to 3-on-3 six player matches, the game is also extremely fun as a 2-on-2 match, or a four player 3-on-3 match with AI players filling in the other two slots, so a four controller limitation is not a show stopper.

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown was meant to be played on a TV with friends, and the growing market for local multiplayer PC games can't be ignored. Tipping Goat is also looking for a partner to distribute the game online for PC, as well as possibly a Mac or Linux port.


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