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MASA is a software developer focused on AI-based solutions for the Defense, Emergency Management, and Games markets.

MASA LIFE - A.I. Creative Suite

What we offer

MASA LIFE is intuitive, adaptable AI middleware that allows the creation of engaging autonomous characters in simulations.

LIFE helps you easily create autonomous characters that can become effective actors and populate your virtual world or game. From decision-making to navigation and path-finding, LIFE offers both an intuitive experience for behavior designers and easy execution within any simulation or game engine.

Delivered with out-of-the-box content, LIFE allows its users to create their own behaviors and build reusable content libraries.
Lean, scalable and cross-platform, LIFE’s runtime can be easily integrated and is available in pre-integrated versions for Unity 3D and VBS2.

What we are looking for

MASA LIFE has already some early success in the defense simulation industry with a few integrators using the product in their upcoming projects for automated opponents and allies.

We'd like the opportunity to showcase the product to game developers. We believe that our approach, allowing the easy creation of complex behavior, can really help small to mid-sized development teams bring engaging and fun AI to their game, whether they're using Unity or any other game engine.


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