Environment Rendering

Simul is the maker of TrueSKY, the leading real-time environment rendering system on all major platforms. Based in Liverpool, England, Simul's worldwide customers include leading games developers and engineering companies such as Ubisoft, Sony, and Boeing.


What we offer

trueSKY is a complete SDK for real-time environment rendering: sky colours, atmospherics, time-of-day, volumetric clouds, fog, rain, and snow. Saving time and money against custom solutions, the SDK helps developers to concentrate their efforts where they are most needed.

What we are looking for

trueSKY is available for licensing on a per-sku basis, or with a site licence. Now available on Windows PC, PS4, Xbox One, and with plugins for the major game engines, trueSKY makes it simple to produce realistic and striking skies with a low overhead and a small memory footprint. Our existing customers include top game developers like Ubisoft and Sony, and major engineering firms worldwide. A 30-day evaluation is available on request.


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