Game Server & Network Engine (S/W)–“ProudNet”

“Nettention” is the leading game server & network engine developer in Korea and provides the essential services for game developers (PC/Mobile online) with technical know-how accumulated in the relevant field.
ProudNet is the high-performance game server & network engine proven with heavy network traffic and handling tens of thousands of concurrent users. And it enables various games to be stable in many robust Internet conditions.

ProudNet - Game Server & Network Engine for game developers

What we offer

ProudNet is a game server and network engine for online & mobile game developers. Performance of ProudNet has been proven with heavy network traffic and a great amount of concurrent users as well as many robust internet conditions. There is the most popular mobile game named “Taming the Monster” in which ProudNet has been adopted. Its chatting server (per 1 server machine) has hit 50,000 concurrent users. Up to now, ProudNet has been used for 136 game projects.

Online/mobile game developers will be certainly interested in ProudNet for smooth game development & stable service.

What we are looking for

We would like to introduce our ProudNet and its service to game developers (PC & Mobile online).


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  • Smartphone Game Market
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