Mobile Rewards Plaform

Built from Perk (#1 Mobile Rewards Platform), Appsaholic offers developers the ability to add loyalty and reward users with real rewards for engagement. We differentiate ourselves from other loyalty partners by putting the focus on YOU. Rewards are based on actions you want them to take in your app.

Reward. Retain. Repeat. Supercharge your app with the #1 Mobile Loyalty SDK.

What we offer

Over the past 2+ years, Perk has fine-tuned a Rewards Platform around rewarding users for everyday actions on their mobile device. As Perk, the #1 Mobile Rewards Platform, we offer the largest collection of rewards such as 150 gift cards and our own reloadable debit card, Perk Plastik. Now, we have packaged this platform into our lightweight Appsaholic Loyalty SDK. Any app developer now has the ability to leverage loyalty to drive engagement and increase retention in their app. Our Rewards Rule! - No other catalog offers over 150 gift cards, Bitcoin, and the most powerful, reloadable debit card in the industry. Earn when your users earn - Generate revenue from each user when they claim their rewards for engaging in your app. Appsaholic is 100% free and has fast and easy Integration.

What we are looking for

The Appsaholic Loyalty SDK is looking for Mobile App Developers aiming to maximize user-engagement, increase retention, build the user-base, and add to their monetization strategy. Appsaholic allows developers to reward users with real world rewards for engaging with the app.


  • Smartphone Game Market
  • Tablet Game Market

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