Game Development Rooted in Indigenous Cultures.

Pinnguaq is a Nunavut (Canadian Arctic) based company with offices in Ontario and B.C. We develop games rooted in Indigenous cultures with a respect and eye towards fun and representation of those cultures.

Game Development Rooted in Indigenous Culture

What we offer

We are a business based in Canada's arctic with additional offices in British Columbia and Ontario. We are developing a number of games rooted in Inuit culture.

Our goal is to bring Indigenous cultures to mainstream accessible games. Indigenous communities and cultures have some of the best stories in the world and Pinnguaq aims to create fun experiences based on those.

We have a combined 20 years in the AAA development industry.

What we are looking for

Pinnguaq is bringing a number of games to GDC and primarily looking for opportunities with potential investors and publishers.

Qalupalik is a stealth/horror game based on Inuit mythology that is open to investment to see it through to completion. It will be playable at GDC.

Art Alive and Singuistics are educational games. Art Alive brings Indigenous art to life to provide an interactive experience in a living breathing piece of art.

Singuistics is a language learning App that will soon be available to teach six Indigenous languages through song.


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  • Downloadable Game Market (XBLA, PSN, WiiWare)
  • Game Academia
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