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We are a small game development company from Switzerland based in Zurich.
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What we offer

Feist is a multi-award winning computer game for PC and Mac that has been shown at exhibitions around the world and will be released this May.

Completely physics driven and inhabited by capricious creatures, Feist puts a strong emphasis on playful exploration and an unpredictable course of action. All elements play together and contribute to the game beyond their core function. NPCs are more than moving obstacles. Armed with a complex AI and a set of versatile abilities NPCs can act upon the environment to the same extent the player does.

Feist is using a distinct visual style that doesn't share the characteristics of game renderings but features images with an own materiality and a striking analog look reminding of a painted graphic novel or a nostalgic children book awakening to life.


2013 Culture Award of the Alexander Clavel Foundation, CH
2011 Call for Projects, Swiss Game Design Award, CH
2010 Fantastic Fest Arcade, Austin, USA – Second Audience Award
2010 Fantastic Fest Arcade, Austin, USA – Exciting World of Metrics Award
2009 Independent Games Festival, San Francisco, USA – Nominated for Excellence in Visual Arts
2008 Unity Awards, Kopenhagen, DK – Best Overall Game
2008 Unity Awards, Kopenhagen, DK – Best Visual Design

What we are looking for

We are preparing to release on Steam (the game is already accepted) and on other Platforms this May. We are looking for help regarding the marketing, testing and/or publishing.


  • Distribution Platforms: App Store (Other)
  • GDC Play
  • PC/Mac Downloadable Market

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