SkookumScript - turbocharged realtime scripting

What we are looking for:
• Teams and studios looking for a robust, scalable gameplay scripting solution with outstanding usability — particularly those using Unreal Engine 4, as a turn-key SkookumScript UE4 plug-in is available.
• Middleware bundling partners with complementary or additive technology.
• Game portals, accelerators and organizations who would like to know how they could benefit from adding SkookumScript to their standard toolset, or to get group discounts.
• Products, middleware and other industries looking for scripting automation, including robotics and aerospace. SkookumScript manages concurrency and makes any tool or tech easy to automate.
• Academic partners. SkookumScript is simultaneously easy to use and very powerful, making it an ideal language for use in schools and research.

What we offer:
Simple, powerful and easy to learn, SkookumScript empowers the whole development team to create compelling and sophisticated gameplay—AI, missions, interactive audio, UI, automation—with just a few lines of code. SkookumScript has key game concepts such as concurrency built-in, and allows code modification and debugging in real-time on live games on any platform. It scales painlessly, enables pipeline integration and facilitates large-scale content creation. Its modular, data-driven design adds value to shipped games by facilitating downloadable and user-created content, add-ons and patches.

Once you Skookum you'll never go back.

  • Console Game Market
  • Game Academia
  • Handheld Console Market
  • Middleware, Game Engines
  • Middleware, Tools
  • Smartphone Game Market
  • Tablet Game Market

Main Contact

Conan Reis

Glen Callender

Markus Breyer

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