Graphine is a Belgian middleware company that develops rock-solid texture streaming and texture compression technology for the video game and 3D visualization industries.
Our middleware - Granite SDK - minimizes memory usage, storage size and loading times while allowing the use of massive amounts of unique texture data.

Granite SDK: Fine Grained Texture Streaming and Texture Compression

What we offer

Graphine is a middleware company providing advanced texture streaming and compression solutions to game developers.

The key benefit of our technology is that it enables you to upscale the graphics quality of your game or 3D application by using massive amounts of texture data (for example thousands of 2048 x 2048 textures or dozens of huge textures with 128k x 128k pixels).

Meanwhile, our middleware allows you to drastically reduce the disk space (-60%) and memory requirements (-75%) for your textures.

For example, it enabled Larian Studios to upscale their 16k x 16k landscape textures to 32k x 32k in Divinity: Dragon Commander, using 80% less video memory while roughly using the same disk space. As an added bonus, the level loading times were significantly reduced.

What we are looking for

Our texture streaming and texture compression technology is aimed at video game developers or people in the 3D visualization industry who want to bring the graphics quality of their application to the next level.
Granite SDK alleviates problems that come with large amounts of texture data: it minimizes loading times (-80%), memory requirements (-75%) and size on disk (-60%).


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