Bookbound Brigade (PC and Console, digital delivery)

What we are looking for:
Bookbound Brigade won the support of the Creative Europe – MEDIA Program of the European Union, which partially funded the development of a prototype on PC.

Digital Tales is now looking for additional funding and/or a publisher in order to grant the final product higher quality standards, additional features and a stronger marketing push.

What we offer:
To banish evil, a colorful bunch of characters drawn from history and literature team up and battle overwhelming hordes of monsters and gargantuan creatures, straight out of myths and folklore.

With its unique artistic identity and quirky narrative mixing nonsense comedy and epic grandeur, Bookbound Brigade gives a new twist to classic stories and well-known characters, setting them in grotesque situations and unusual contexts. BB is a platform-adventure game with 2D side-scrolling graphics (METROIDVANIA).

Its gameplay focuses on frantic action combat and strategic use of Brigade skills and formations to tackle tricky environments and deadly enemies – players are in charge of a team of amazing characters acting as one, which grants them complete control over a cohesive ensemble.

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Main Contact

Marco Boldini

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