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Serious Parody is an independent video games development company based in Dundee, Scotland. The company specialises in 3D wrestling/fighting games and are due to release 5 Star Wrestling for the PlayStation 3 over the coming weeks.

Serious Parody Ltd - Games Developer/Publisher

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Serious Parody Ltd is an organization not afraid of a fight. Their newest product '5 Star Wrestling' is a 3D wrestling game, which is one of the most difficult category's to tackle in all of games development. As if that's not challenging enough, the company have gone to extreme lengths to innovate in a genre that see's annual big budget releases and because of that, they have developed a loyal following among wrestling fans.

SP have a proven track record of building big games with tiny budgets and their first title “Wrestling Manager” won several awards in its field, reaching a 4.5 star rating on the US app store while carrying a $9.99 price tag. Not many games/companies can pull off that kind of feat.


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