Manus VR glove

What we are looking for:
Manus VR is looking for game developers and gamers. People who love the evolution of gaming in the past 10 years. Virtual Reality is around the corner and we give you the opportunity to get the most realistic experience in VR gaming. To use your hand in the VR world.

What we offer:
The Manus glove is the first consumer glove specifically designed for virtual reality. It tracks hand movement using a combination of high-tech sensors all contained inside the glove. With this technology, the Manus glove provides accurate and reliable hand tracking.

  • Console Game Market
  • Other (Please Specify) input devices

Main Contact

Ricardo Broeders

Daan Willekens

Tim Veenendaal

Roel van Deventer

Jules Blok

Stijn Stumpel

Maarten Witteveen

Bob Vlemmix

Stephan van den Brink

Florian Koch
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